2014 SF Supervisor Election Campaign Strategy

George Davis Campaign Strategy for November 4, 2014 Election to San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 8


District 8 in San Francisco is Harvey Milk’s district, which includes Castro Street, Upper Market, Noe Valley, and Glenn Park.  Harvey Milk was the first openly Gay elected official in the United States.  As far as I know, I am the first “out” Body Freedom Activist to run for political office.  The key to my win, or at least Scott Wiener’s loss, is to get the electorate to ask the question: “Who would Harvey Milk vote for?” and the realization “With a young MBA and an energetic  lawyer on my office staff, I, George Davis, can provide good constituent service.”


Many forget that Harvey Milk had run for office and lost several times before succeeding.  I too have run for office before on a Body Freedom Platform.  (I prefer the “Body Freedom” label  over “nudist” label, because it makes clear that it’s a matter of clothing optional choice.  Body Freedom nudity is both the ultimate fashion statement and ultimate lack of fashion statement.)


By the way, Body Freedom is only the third or 3 key points to show that Scott Wiener is a tool of developers and corporate interests and out of touch with the super majority

San Francisco electorate.


  1. Wiener has attempted to take away the citizens’ vote.  He sponsored in November 2011 City Proposition E which would allow the Board of Supervisors to amend or repeal! Initiatives that have been passed by the voting electorate.  2/3 of the electorate voted against Proposition E, but it’s scary that he even proposed this.


  2. Wiener has attempted to undermine San Francisco resident economic interests.  He was bankrolled in his first run for Supervisor by Thomas Coates, a Southern California real estate mogul, who put a defeated anti-rent control initiative on the California ballot. Remember, San Francisco is over 60% renter.  Also, most home and condo owners are not landlords.  They are former renters and are sympathetic to the plight of renters.  . . . He has offered no help in  preventing Ellis Act evictions.  . . . He voted against a passed Board of Supervisors plan to protect rental housing stock by allowing condo conversions of existing tenency-in-common ownerships, but place a ten year moratorium on future conversions.  . . . He has worked with big developers to dismantle the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) with its public protections of environmental reviews of large projects.  . . .  He fought for 8 Washington, a multi-millionaire waterfront condo project, which was opposed by the local district  supervisors and local citizen’s groups.  The project was voted down by initiative by 2/3 of the electorate.


  1. Wiener has attempted to take away the freedom of political and artistic expression that has made San Francisco a light beacon to other places in America and the World. On a 6-5 vote of the Board of Supervisors, he got a nudity ordinance passed in San Francisco. . . . I find it ironic that many people see me on a one dimensional plane only interested in public nudism and body freedom of choice. The truth is that if there was a list of people that didn’t think that public nudity was a big deal, I could be put at the top of the list.  However, mainstream media censorship, nudity bans, and police repression show that public nudity really is a big deal. . . . Public nudity is, at best, a demonstration that the nude human body is natural, normal, and one less thing to worry about.    At worst, public nudity is harmless and silly.  According to a recent scientific poll, 62% of San Franciscans have no problem with non-sexual public nudity.  (The figure is 60% approval for Californians.  San Franciscans are not much more liberal than other Americans.)  The figure of acceptance rises to about 80% in most of Europe where the population tends to be more mature, secular, and tolerant.  We know that with proper state approval, removal of mainstream media censorship, and positive body freedom education the figure rises to at least 93% approval.


I have run education campaigns for public office before.  I ran for Mayor of San Francisco in 2007 against a popular incumbent.  Even though I got less than 1% of the vote and few people remembered by name (George Davis), after the incumbent, I was the most remembered candidate.  Everyone remembers that a naked guy ran for mayor of San Francisco.  I was free to make speeches and debate other candidates in the nude.  Also, another political irony, everyone knows that if the tourists could vote, I could be elected mayor or any other political office that I wanted.


Since the nudity ordinance went into effect on February 1, 2013, I was arrested when I made my  traditional nude announcement of candidacy for Board of Supervisors.  I have been threatened with arrest twice more in the midst of making political speeches.  (Gypsy Taub and others were arrested for nudity on those dates.) 


Since I, or anyone else which includes you, can no longer have a previously existing freedom of political expression without police intimidation or arrest, I will now need to conduct  my campaign as a political exile from San Francisco.


The plan is to seek a high profile American media location to make a nude campaign speech in mid-August 2014 to be video-recorded and placed on the Internet.  Established mainstream media and social networks will be invited to participate.  Gypsy Taub has indicated that she would be willing join me and make a speech if the campaign can pay her expenses and her schedule is free.  . . . . American cities and locations under consideration are Los Angeles at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, Chicago at the front of the Art Institute, New York City in Times Square, and Washington, DC in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  I will need a promise from the mayor’s office or National Park Service in Washington, DC that there would be no police harassment.  I can stay in San Francisco for police harassment. March 1, 2014 is the deadline for an American speech decision.  . . .  Failure to find an American venue means that the speech will be made in Trafalgar Square in London where there are no police or government problems making that kind of speech.  The London Speech would also be part of a forthcoming documentary, “Naked Dream”, by award winning documentarian, Jan Dalchow scheduled for an early 2015 release.


Aside from traditional fundraising solicitations, there will be a worldwide www.indiegogo.com campaign for contributions.


The second and final campaign event is participation in the politician dunking booth at the Castro Street Fair on Sunday, October 5, 2014. This is the original dunking booth built by Harvey Milk himself where politicians sit on a bench over a large barrel of water.  People throw baseballs at a target.  If they hit the target, the politician falls in the cold water.  Due to local street unpopularity, Scott Wiener will probably not show up.


I also plan to work with other candidates who have strong civil liberties outlooks to help us in a ranked choice voting campaign to regain District 8 and Harvey Milk’s dream and a return of the City Government to the people who live here.


About urbannudism

I teach a course on the "History of Free Body Culture Movements in Europe and America". I practice "urban nudism" in San Francisco on nice days. With a core group of a dozen nudists activists helped create the first non-beach clothing optional community urban park in America.
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