SFPD threatens SF Supervisor Candidate with arrest during a public speech.

SFPD threatens SF Supervisor Candidate with arrest during a public speech.

     In case anyone wants to notice the loss of your civil rights and free political speech in San Francisco; the following speech was presented in front of City Hall, noonish, Friday, March 22.  The Supervisor Candidate, George Davis, was speaking at a permitted gathering, with a professionally printed “George Davis -8th District Supervisor” sign right behind him.  During his speech, a SFPD officer stopped George in the midst of his speech and threatened him with arrest.  Prior to February 1, 2013 the police never would have considered physically interrupting a speech and threatening an arrest.  Is this how the SFPD should treat political speech in San Francisco?  Would the SFPD consider interrupting any other seeker for public office in San Francisco?  A few minutes after George Davis completed his speech, the SFPD arrested Gypsy Taub while making her speech.

Text of the censored speech, not approved by the Mayor’s office, SFPD, Scott Wiener et al.:

Hi!  My name is George Davis.

I am running for Supervisor San Francisco District 8.   (Castro, Noe Valley, Glen Park)

I am running against a Supervisor who opposes freedom of expression, freedom from censorship, and supports the economic policies of the 1% against the rest of us.  This Supervisor was only elected by 40% of the 1st choice votes.  So, he is not a clear favorite to win again.  The nudity ban only passed the Board of Supervisors by one vote.  It’s fitting and justice that we take back this vote and use it for repeal of the nudity ban.


In case anyone out there thinks this Body Freedom stuff is frivolous or ridiculous.  Just substitute the concept of nudist with the concepts of being Black, Chinese, Gay, a woman, a Jew, or even a Christian (Christians are persecuted in many places of the world like Iran, Iraq, and Egypt.) and you get the problem of discriminatory and intolerant bans.  This ban attacks everyone’s rights and freedoms, whether you want to practice nudism or not.  Now! If you understand what I just said; Good.  You got it! 

If you don’t understand, your homework assignment is to go to Amazon.com and get this $5 eBook:  Free Your Body, Free Your Mind!  (A hard copy was held up for the assembly.  George Davis is one of the editors and contributors to this book.)


In the course of the last 8 years, writing about and practicing Body Freedom, I have given many local and global media interviews.  I’d like to give you my 3 most frequently asked questions and my most frequent answers.

First question: “When did you first become a nudist?”

My answer: This might sound cliché, but it’s true.  I was born that way.  We all were.  Nudity is our birthright and it’s one of the first freedoms taken away from us.  We have a natural right to be nude.

The second question: “Why are you a nudist?” or “Why is nudism important to you?”

My answer: On a nice day, and today is a nice day, nudity is more comfortable, natural and free.  It harms no one.  It expresses who I am.

Finally, what’s supposed to be the hardball question, a reporter/interviewer will ask: “I see how nudity is fine for adults, but what about the children?”

I answer: Intuitively, you would think that children raised around nudity would have better concepts of body consciousness and be better adjusted than other less fortunate children.  Guess What!! There are numerous psychological studies available on the Internet supporting this thesis and none supporting a harm thesis.   . . .   Also, for 5 years, I have publically offered $1000 to anyone that can write an intelligent 500 word essay telling: “What harm would befall a child who sees a nude adult?”  To date, I have received zero essays.  If someone can write this essay, submit the essay to www.urbannudism.com.


Now, I’d like to bring-up the question that I’d like to se the media ask nudophobic politicians or politician bought off by nudophobes.  “Why is it important to use the full force of the government to wipe out the Body Freedom movement especially political and artistic expression?”

We’re seeing the loss of freedom here in San Francisco.  It just happened here and now! (Reference to a SFPD officer who just walked up to me, stopped my speech and threatened me with arrest.)  Also, on February 1, five minutes after I announced that I was running for San Francisco Supervisor, I was arrested by at least 18 policemen under the direct presence and command of the Chief of Police.  The Chief of Police certainly took orders from Mayor Lee, Willie Brown, Rose Pak, or whoever is really in charge.  A few weeks later, Gypsy and I were arrested for an artistic dance performance by at least 12 policemen under the command and presence of a police captain.


Folks!  The police did not just arrest Gypsy and me.  They arrested any one of you who believes in non-violent freedom of expression, especially political and artistic expression.

San Francisco is not supposed to be a boring homogenized American City like everywhere else.  San Francisco is supposed to be cutting edge, experimenting with new ideas and freedom of expression.  Does anyone really hope that intolerant, repressive, distortions of reality like nudity bans are the wave of the future?  Or should nudity bans be the vestige of a reactionary, neurotic, nudophobic past?

I urge everyone here to support Body Freedom.

I urge you to add Body Freedom to your list of recognized human rights.

I urge you to examine the human rights records and attitudes of your elected representatives.

Finally, I urge you to honor your divine and natural being.  Free your body and free your mind.


                                       Thank you.


George Davis (415) 722-2968


About urbannudism

I teach a course on the "History of Free Body Culture Movements in Europe and America". I practice "urban nudism" in San Francisco on nice days. With a core group of a dozen nudists activists helped create the first non-beach clothing optional community urban park in America.
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