George Davis Announcement for SF Supervisor and Arrest

Announcement for Supervisor District 8 and arrest

(Five minutes after making this announcement, Mr. Davis and 3 associates were swarmed by a police squad.  At the exact moment of arrest, Mr. Davis was holding a professionally made campaign sign and holding a copy of Free Your Body, Free Your Mind!, a highly political book that he co-edited.  Gypsy Taub, who was standing next to him wearing a hat saying “Recall Wiener”, was comparing the nudity bans to Moslem women wearing veils and burkas.  The four were handcuffed, put in a paddy wagon, detained at a police station for an hour, cited, and the police said that if they engaged in political activity in the next 24 hours they would be arrested.  The incident was widely photographed, videotaped, and written about in the media and is easily viewable on Internet sites.)

February 1, 2013 

My name is George Davis. I am announcing my candidacy for San Francisco Supervisor of District 8.

Today, February 1, besides being Groundhog Day, is the first day that the San Francisco nudity ordinance is potentially enforceable. As far as I can tell, the law means, pardon my poetry . . . “A sock on the cock is legal, as long as one doesn’t spread-eagle.” Isn’t that ridiculous?

One of Sigmund Freud’s oft-quoted remarks is “Sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar.” And by extension, “Sometimes a cock is just a cock.” It’s no big deal.

Many of you are aware of my work on Body Freedom issues.  have written 2 books — NAKED YOGA and WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION — now out-of-print. (hold up copies of books) I have helped edit the new book, Free Your Body, Free Your Mind! and have contributed 3 articles to it: articles on Free Body Culture Movements in Europe and America, the demonstrations against the San Francisco nudity ban, and the current status of public nudity around the globe.  The book is written by 21 San Francisco Body Freedom Activists with over a hundred uncensored photo-images. Free Your Body, Free Your Mind! The book is available on Kindle at in eBook format for $5. We will soon have a print-on-demand version. All monies raised will go to body freedom legal fees and political action.

Many of you are also aware that I have, in the past, run for San Francisco political office on themes like freedom of expression, freedom from censorship, and opening parks for nude recreation. These are themes that are just as valid today as then. I ran for mayor of San Francisco in 2007 with a dozen candidates against Gavin Newsom. I frequently campaigned and debated candidates in the nude. Even though I got less than 1% of the vote and nobody remembered the name “George Davis”, the “naked guy” was the most remembered candidate except for the incumbent mayor. In 2010, I ran for Supervisor in District 6. (Due to redistricting, I now live in District 8 – the Castro, Noe Valley, Glen Park, and Valencia Street environs.) In that year 2010 the San Francisco Police Department issued directives to leave peaceful nudists alone— thanks to my campaigning, the work of other nudist activists, and letters from the Office of Citizens Complaints finding police harassment of nudists.

Previously, although public nudity was never illegal, the police tactic was to hope that nobody would fight for their rights. I have been cited 22 times, arrested 15 times, and never, ever tried and convicted for anything.

Today, I risk a citation again. By the way, this little freedom to express your real being through nudism belongs to everyone who can hear me right now, whether or nor you want to exercise it now or not. Six supervisors and a mayor just took away one of your freedoms — a simple freedom that on a nice day, some day in the future, you could relax and be clothes free in a public park or on a public thoroughfare if you wanted to.  . . . Catch this: They took away your freedom on a Big Lie! The state is telling you that there is something wrong and unnatural with you and your body. They just legislated away your right to be yourself.

This is the kind of thinking that led to earlier discriminatory laws in San Francisco like the “Ugly Laws”. You were not allowed to be ugly in public until 1963. It’s true. Look it up. There were racially restrictive covenants on property sales, bans on interracial marriage, suppression of gays, and the sending of Japanese to concentration camps. These laws sound outrageous today, but they existed within the living memory of current San Franciscans. Someday, nudity bans are going to seem just as anachronistic and outrageous.

If you don’t think nudity laws are discriminatory, compare the concepts in these nudity laws with the concepts found in former discriminatory laws regarding early Christian martyrs, Jews, Gays, Blacks, Chinese, and women. You will then begin to understand our outrage. You should be outraged too, because each of you is fully qualified to be a nudist if you wanted to make that choice. Are you really willing to havethat choice taken away from you?!

Let me lighten up and tell you a funny story. Can you believe who asked me to run for Supervisor of District 8? I normally don’t believe in Karma and Cosmic Justice, but in this case, I can suspend disbelief. Are you ready? Supervisor Wiener, himself. In September, the nudist activists: Woody Miller, Mitch Hightower, Rusty Mills and I met Mr. Wiener at City Hall over this legislation. We’ve always suspected that Mr. Wiener is under the marching orders of his big donors. Mr. Wiener arbitrarily rejected our suggestion that San Francisco adopt the European solution to the so-called “problem” of nudists congregating at the Castro Plaza — namely, to designate clothing-optional areas in city parks. I told Mr. Wiener that if he went through with the nudity ban legislation, I would run against him for Supervisor. Are you ready for this!? In front of 5 witnesses in his best George W. Bush imitation, Mr. Wiener snorted, “Bring it on!” OK. What’s the old saying? “Be careful of what you wish for. You might get it.”

We only need one vote to reverse this nudity ban legislation. How appropriate that it should be the District 8 vote.

Now, let’s talk about how Mr. Wiener operates and you can start thinking about if you want to keep him in office. I’ll start with the nudity ban legislation and then go into some other issues.

The nudity ban had little community support and was opposed by 5 of the 11 San Francisco Supervisors. Objective scientific data — a 2009 Zogby poll of San Franciscans — found that 63% of San Franciscans have no problem with nonsexual public nudity. The figure would probably be even higher today.

To push his nudity ban through the Board of Supervisors Mr. Wiener manipulated the supervisors and the public in a Machiavellian manner. He put out a statistic that 85% of the Castro Merchants say that nudists harmed their business. What a big lie!! Mr. Wiener called a meeting of the Upper Market Merchants association with about 250 members about the local public nudity. About 30 showed up, a few walked out in disgust at Wiener’s tactics, and a vote was then taken of the remaining merchants who were predisposed to favor the ban. From a street perspective, I guarantee you that nudists are a tourist draw and are good for business. If nudists harm the Castro business community, then why are commercial real estate prices and rents the highest in history now?

Mr. Wiener turned down proposals for citywide town meetings to “air” the subject. Public comment was called for on the nudity ban legislation in a City Hall hearing chaired by Mr. Wiener and 2 of his close cronies on the committee. 2/3 of the public spoke out against the ban. Yet, the committee voted a recommendation for passage. That was the only public input on the nudity ban.

Prior to Wiener’s drafting of the legislation, feminist-leaning activists got “breasts” dropped from the legislation. After the 1st draft: the “leather” community, who have worn “assless chaps” and leather jock straps on the street for decades, got “buttocks” removed from the legislation. Is this how sane people determine which parts of the body are natural and which aren’t?

At least 15 demonstrations were held against the nudity ban. Zero were held for the ban.

I guess this is how democracy works in Mr. Wiener’s World.

Now, on to other actions and inactions by Mr. Wiener:

Mr. Wiener voted down previously dedicated money for free bus rides for poor San Francisco youths.

Mr. Wiener has done nothing to provide affordable housing for the teachers, bartenders, policemen, clerks, and waiters who work here. He has worked for the approval of 200 sq. ft walk-in closet-sized apartments with $1600/month rent. I don’t think that’s what grownups are looking for.

Mr. Wiener organized approval for a millionaire’s condo project on Telegraph Hill with a variance for extra stories contrary to the City Planning Code and against the wishes of the Telegraph Hill Dwellers Association, the local Supervisor David Chiu, and the past local Supervisor Aaron Peskin. These are all people who live and work in the area and are directly affected by this project.

Mr. Wiener has failed to coordinate Public Works repairs of streets in his district, inconviencing many of the residents.

Mr. Wiener has worked to bypass the “condo” lottery policy which will ultimately remove many rental units from the rental marketplace.

I’d love to see an investigation of the Walter Shorenstein purchase of the Furniture Mart for the Internet company “Twitter”, with special tax breaks thrown in.

Mr. Wiener is working on legislation to fast-track building developments, bypassing neighborhood concerns and environmental reviews.

The rich must be very very happy with Mr. Wiener.

I personally hate and distrust politicians and their followers who take away the civil liberties of non-violent minorities. My European friends call people like that “fascists”, but this is America. No matter how true, we don’t use disturbing, inflammatory words like “fascist”.

So, as to not attack Mr. Wiener personally, let me tell you what other people say about him.

Aaron Peskin, former President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors says, “Mr. Wiener is intent on turning the clock back on San Francisco’s decades-long legacy of cutting edge legislation to protect consumers and the environment. He’s fundamentally a very conservative person.”

Susan Vaughn of the Sierra Club and community activist says, “It seems like everything he focuses on disempowers the voters and empowers the wealthiest 1%.” On the issue of trusting Mr. Wiener on his legislation, “We feel like we have to watch what he is doing very carefully.”

Ted Gullicksen of the San Francisco Tenants Union says, “Mr. Wiener made the decision that he was not going to be with the progressives and to ally himself with the conservatives and real estate people.”

Folks; your choice is clear.

If you want a secret, manipulative, treacherous Supervisor that represents the rich and not you – who is willing to trample civil liberties – who wants to make San Francisco boring and homogeneous like everywhere else. Then, you have your man.

If you want someone who represents the 99% of the people who live and work in San Francisco, if you want someone who believes in open and transparent government, if you want someone who values freedom of expression and diversity and all the elements that make San Francisco a beacon of light, creativity, and promise to the world — if that’s what you want, you now have a solid choice with me.

Vote for George Davis, Supervisor District 8

I approve of this message.

Thank you.


About urbannudism

I teach a course on the "History of Free Body Culture Movements in Europe and America". I practice "urban nudism" in San Francisco on nice days. With a core group of a dozen nudists activists helped create the first non-beach clothing optional community urban park in America.
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